Mars Attacks

If you have found this site, it is possible that along the way you’ve come across a bunch of nasty posts attacking my reputation and some of my business interests.

While I don’t believe it is wise to argue with unreasonable people or to directly address strawman arguments I am putting up this short post for a little context for those with more than a passing interest.  If you have none, move on.

The group in question (a religion, business or student body- the terms varies depending on who they are talking to) behind these attacks have the false belief that I am the progenitor and ongoing mastermind of media and regulatory attention that they have largely brought on themselves over the years.

I  am unabashedly critical their beliefs, effects on people, families, children, and the community along with hundreds of other people, however, I cannot claim the honour of masterminding or directing media attention on them. That belongs to others.

I have pushed back at times as a result of their activities and vocalised my criticisms. I will continue to do so when needed, though outside of protecting my child, I have scant front-of-mind interest in the group and its ridiculous magical beliefs and messianic mission.

In 2014 the group launched an attack on me and my business driven by this spurious villain narrative. I have not met most of the attackers other than one or two in passing.

Their attacks have pointedly sought to damage online brands I have an interest in, with the explicit aim of lowering the reputation of those businesses and myself by association. Over time they have caused harm and loss to the business, and also to customers of the business who have unwittingly been panicked by the malfeasance of this group.

At no time has the group fact-checked or sought clarification from myself or others. They have joined things together to create a story that fits their narrative. They have curated images to paint their villain and continue for no apparent reason (directly related to me) their online harassment campaign to this day.

For my part, I have not maligned any of the participants in these attacks. Though in some cases there are serious cases of misbehaviour. I don’t have time, nor do I want to waste precious life on something that barely interests me other than a long shadow falling over my family. Doing so would have me engaging on their terms and trying to reason with people who are demonstrably unreasonable.

What they have achieved is to produce greater enmity in the community and stronger resistance to their actions. They are aware of this themselves but claim it is a result of their magnificence and the potency of the ‘truths’ they peddle.

As a result, my eyes have been pried open to how we can be manipulated in a myriad of ways- by friends, groups, community, advertising, social media, the web and deceptive people. Previously unarticulated observations have been brought into sharp, living relief.

Many of us are all too easily persuaded to fear things we shouldn’t and to place faith in those we should fear.

Too few people have the tools to see through obfuscation to the facts that lay beyond. Many are fooled- and fueled- by bulldust.

The nasty activity of this group and their incessant online campaign of harassment is a portrait of what becomes of us when we succumb to our ‘lesser angels’.  Absolutes, black and whites, groupthink and plain human nastiness cloaked in self-righteousness and disguised as ‘love’.

It’s a stark lesson in what you should not become.




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